An algorithm that computes modular nested exponentiation efficiently.

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mod-nest-exp exports a Python function mod_nest_exp that takes as input an arbitrarily long sequence of positive integers a₁, a₂, ..., aₙ and a positive integer m and computes a₁^(a₂^(···^aₙ)) mod m efficiently (that is, without computing the value of the nested exponent).

To date, this problem was not solvable by computers in the general case.


Run pip install mod-nest-exp in a shell to download the latest release from PyPI, or have a look at the Installation page to find other ways to install mod-nest-exp.


mod-nest-exp requires Python v3.6+. For best performance, install gmpy2 and sympy:

$ apt install libgmp-dev libmpfr-dev libmpc-dev # required for gmpy2
$ pip install gmpy2 sympy


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